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Ms.Lydia Gatundu Galavu

In her presentation at OYASAF facility, in Lagos, she stated that, "With contemporary African art rising to the centre of world attention, an increase in the number of art museums in Africa is to be expected"

Visit Of Nigerian Field Society (Nfs) To Oyasaf In Abeokuta

On Saturday 13th May 2017, eighteen members of the Nigerian Field Society (NFS) led by Edouard Blondeau, arrived to the home of Prince and Chief (Mrs.) Shyllon on the Presidential hilltop in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state. On arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Chief (Mrs.) Funmilayo Shyllon and Prince Yemisi shyllon.
After some brief introduction, the visitors were taken through a tour of the life size bronze and metal sculptures garden of the edifice. This was followed by a tour of the internal portions of the edifice which commenced with a visit to the two bedroom en-suite guest chalet of the main building. During the tour of the guest chalet, Prince Shyllon intimated his guests of the intention of OYASAF to use the chalet of the building for the annual OYASAF international artists in-residence program which is about to commence. The visiting NFS guests, were later taken round the artistically decorated internal portions of the main residence, adorned with contemporary sculptures and paintings.
One of the highlights of the tour, had the visitors enjoying the unique 270 degrees terrace overview of Abeokuta city while enjoying some light refreshments. At the terrace of the building overlooking Abeokuta, the visitors were surprised with the cutting of a birthday cake for Dr. Adun Okupe- one of the visiting NFS members.
Some NFS members could not but enjoy the warmth and fraternize with the artwork outside the gate of the building overlooking the main street and welcoming visitors at the entrance of the building with a smile.


Invitation for applications

OYASAF invites Nigerian and international artists to apply for its artists in-residence programme of 2017. This new annual programme, is designed for two sessions of five weeks each within the months of, (1st September to 30th November, 2017) and (1st of March to May 31st, 2018) and thereafter, during the same period each year. The programme will provide artists an opportunity to live and work in an up class and serene environment of Abeokuta, South West of Nigeria (about 100km North of Lagos), to develop their specific individual projects while experiencing and engaging with Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage. Abeokuta city is a major historical town in Nigeria. It is the state capital and the largest city in Ogun State of Nigeria’s southwest. It is situated on the east bank of the Ogun River with a most beautiful and ideal environment for artists.

Location and Work Place

The work place of the OYASAF artists in-residence programme is located in the country home of Prince Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon at Abeokuta. The contemporary architectural building, located atop the Abeokuta presidential hill top estate, overlooks the scenic land and cityscape of the historical city, its architecture and life-size bronze sculptural garden is purposely designed for the creative and curious mind. The residency space is ensuite with spacious living and dining rooms, and a kitchen equipped with up to date cooking facilities. The work space has good natural and artificial light.

Definition of the Programme

This programme is a new project complementing existing programmes of OYASAF with a view to working closely with artists around the globe for an educational, immersive, creative and inclusive experience.

Period of the programme

The programme is divided into two five weekly residency sessions per year, within the two separate periods of (1st of March to May 31st) and(1st September to 30th November) of each year, with each session hosting two artists at a time respectively.


Prior to every session of the OYASAF residency programme, a notice will be put out with an open call for Nigerian and international artists to apply towards engaging in new artistic projects in the range of paint media within the city of Abeokuta. For cross-cultural purposes, the programme is thus designed to host international and Nigerian artists. On the successful selection of applicants, artists will be residents in the artists’ studio at Abeokuta and will be provided a working space to experiment and research their art production projects and would be provided with logistical support for their artistic creations. The residency will culminate in a one day solo exhibition of the produced works during the residency, at the OYASAF facility in Lagos or any other location as may be decided by OYASAF from time to time. Resident artists will have the opportunity at such exhibitions, to meet Nigerian and non-Nigerian collectors, curators, gallery owners, scholars and journalists. At the end of each residency programme, artists will be expected to donate one artwork per artist to OYASAF. The artworks donated at the end of each residency will be selected at the absolute discretion of OYASAF.


For the OYASAF artist in-residence programme, artists at the beginning of each session, will be provided the following:

• Living stipends, per artist of one Hundred and fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000) per session of five weeks.

• Production allowance, per artist of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000) per session per artist.

However, resident artists will be responsible for supplying and providing the tools and materials for their artistic productions during their OYASAF residency programmes.

Application Guidelines

The programme is open to artists working in the paint media only. All applications must be submitted electronically and only those submitted will be accepted. Applicant artists are expected to use Adobe Acrobat to type into the PDF form fields, or otherwise, print their applications and complete them by hand and then scan. All submissions and required supporting documents should be sent online to: oyasaf2000@yahoo.com , as either a direct email attachment, or shared via Dropbox or Google Drive. Attachments must not exceed 10MB. Selection decisions will be made by an OYASAF selection panel which decision shall be final and not justiciable.

Also please note that:

• Applications are now open for the, 1st of September to 30th November 2017, session.

• Each artist must submit works online, completed by them within the preceding last 2 years of their application.

• Only successful applicants will be informed via emails by OYASAF.

• The selection decisions about the OYASAF residency programme shall be final and shall not be open to negotiations and discussion.

• Applications are expected to reach OYASAF by latest, 60 calendar days before the beginning of each session. Only successful applicants shall be notified within 3 weeks of the deadlines for the submission of applications.

To apply for the OYASAF residency programme, please, fill in the application form attached and dispatch same to OYASAF, with your CV and a portfolio of no more than 5 works. Selection is not only based on applicants’ academic or professional background but attention will be given to the strength of each project proposal and its integration with the local scenic and cultural environment of the programme. All applications must be submitted in English.

Click here to download the application form.

Ms.Janine Systma

One of the early beneficiaries of the OYASAF Fellowship Programme

Conversations with Lamidi Fakeye

It contains interview with the late iconic wood carver Fakeye. With a hard cover and high quality colour prints, the book features photographic images of some 48 artworks of the artist in the OmobaYemisiAdedoyinShyllon Art

Oyasaf/Ufuk Marble Art Workshop

The Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art foundation (OYASAF) in collaboration with the UFUK Dialogue Foundation recently, organized a three day "Art for Peace" workshop for artists with the theme; “cultural co-existence, Dialogue, harmony and peace”. The workshop was organized by the two foundations towards uniting the multiple cultural traditions of Nigeria with Turkey. The three days workshop, started from Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th of April, 2017.The workshop was facilitated by a renowned Turkish artist, Mr Tugay Yalcinof the Nile University of Nigeria. Nigeriansandother nationals were taught the techniques of painting in water colour withmarble decorative background - a unique Turkish art.

At the workshop, PrinceYemisi Shyllon, the Founder and CEO of The Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art foundation (OYASAF) and co-sponsor of the program, in his remarks, informed the participants, about his three (3) years long collaboration with the Ufuk Foundation which includes the sponsored exhibition of some thirteen (13) Nigerian artists in a travelling exhibition of paintings to Ethiopia, Turkey and the United State of America in 2014.Hisremarks during the interactive session at the workshop, included the importance of provenance, continuous art education, art entrepreneurship, and the improvement of local patronage for Nigerian art.

Prince Yemisi Shyllon at the workshop

During the workshop, Nigerian artists learned from Turkish artists and interacted with each other while producing water colour paintings in marble background finish. There were also a general agreement among the participants during their interactive sessions, that African nations need to effectively collaborate among themselves towards creating a well-organized and interactive art practice and embracing indigenous cultural constructs in their creative aspirations.

Artist practicing marble artistry at the workshop

In total, about 80 artists and non-artists of Nigerian and other national extractions Participated in the workshop, which included; Clara Aden, Akintunde John, Dimpa Sunday Busaya Lawal, Mfon Ralph Obot, Monsuru Alashe,Yusuf Durodola, NoamiOladipo, OgagaTuodeinye, Sotonye Jumbo, SundayAkpedo, OluchiZom, Joel A, Yusuf SeiduOkus , and Emmanuel Ije and many others.

A cross section of some of the Participants at the workshop.

Artists that participated in the workshop, were issued with Certificates of participation at the end of the program.
A snap photograph of some of the participants with their certificates of participation at the workshop.Photograph


With contemporary African art rising to the centre of world attention, an increase in the number of art museums in Africa is to be expected

-Ms.Lydia Gatundu Galavu/

I felt understandably proud as a Nigerian listening to Prince Shyllon speak about his matchless collections and now believe that Nigeria and Africa are at the cusp of deserved global prominence

-Tolu Ogunlesi/ Special Ass. on New Media to President Muhammadu Buhari


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THE VISIT INCLUDED A GUIDED TOUR OF THE FOUNDATION’S The tour was concluded with some photo and quiz sessions.


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Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon

Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon is a Prince of Ake in Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria. He hails from the Sogbulu and Ogunfayo lineage of the Laarun ruling house of Ake in Egbaland.

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